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Why choose us?

  • We have extensive experience
    Working in non-IT environments accompanied by Agile.

  • We deliver insight with visualizations
    So that people start doing the same.

  • We are experts in Flow and Kanban
    Associated with Okaloa Flowlab.

Agile Coaching - Learn to work in an agile and flexible way

[ Co chi cursus, workshop, training ]

Lean-Agile werken =

Relaxation brings quality

Say no
Because that is better for now

Do not assist immediately
to be quicker

Do less
achieve more

Work smarter 
be more relaxed

“Even people who were struggling with this change eventually become convinced. The atmosphere is so different now.”
- manager in the financial sector

There is a cap on the number of people that can be present in a Japanese flower garden at the same time, equal to the number of available tokens. When someone leaves the garden, they give their token to someone else who is then allowed to enter. This keeps space and peace.

A team is like this flower garden, there are limits on how much work it can handle. By limiting this, for example through a Work in Process Limit (WIP limit), you create peace and space. Peace and space to deliver work perfectly and on time.

Our coaching does not focus on implementing a particular model or framework.
• We start at where you are now
• We use visualizations for quick and in-depth insight
• We work in short iterations
• And we support leadership at all levels.

By focusing on value delivery and reducing work pressure, collaborative teams form in teams and groups, creating certainty in flexibility. People become flexible and agile.

It is the small steps that to a large extent determine the success of this method.

We would like to discuss further with you what we can do for your organization.

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