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Your Agile (maturity) self scan

Arno Korpershoek – Founder van Co-chi & Senior Agile Coach

Your investment in the Agile self scan is €450. 

  • 3 months use of the Agile maturity scan.
  • Interactive dashboard.
  • Online support.

Expansion possibilities:

  • Analysis and intervention workshop.
  • Personalized self scan.
  • Personalized agile capaility dashboard.
  • Coaching.

Lay the foundation for a real learning organization.

Your advantage

  • A continuous agile thermometer.
  • You use the available knowledge and experience.
  • More involved employees; this also creates more ownership of agile practices.
  • A cheap and straightforward alternative to expensive external scans.
  • Prevent bias and dominant opinions.
  • Insight into the impact of local improvement on the entire value chain, and vice versa.
  • Ability to adapt the scan to your own environment and needs.
  • Low-threshold for participation.
  • Scientifically based method.
  • Independence of (biased) agile coaches.
  • More specific hire of necessary knowledge.

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Agile scan app

The Agile Maturity Scan is based on the Sensing methodology. This is a multi-perspective narrative study.
Projects in which Sensing is applied include:

  • Research on security functions of Dutch passports.
  • Employees engeagement research for a Dutch bank.
  • Municipal policy evaluation Enschede.
  • Agile implementation research.

With the online Agile Maturity Scan, you have your own agile thermometer. It provides you with a continuous monitor to understand the effectiveness of agile working.
The scan is as simple as effective:

  1. You ask each employees to share to share in the app what is going well or not going well,
    • They can share multiple experiences and ideas,
    • Additional short questions give context to each story,
  2. All stories create patterns in the dashboard,
    • You van analyse the patterns from different angles,
    • Via one mouseclick you read the underlying stories,
  3. This quickly provides practical insights into
    • Where your people are struggling with and what works well,
    • Which (agile) practices do or do not work in which context,
    • Which are logical interventions,
  4. The continuous agile maturity scan (back to step 1) provides feedback on the impact of the interventions.

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