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Why choose us?

  • What does Agile working really mean?
    Experience what agile principles achieve

  • How do I improve the entire value chain?
    Involve all teams in the simulations; together experience limitations and test improvements in a safe environment.

  • How do I know if the improvements work in practice?
    Agile Sensing is a real-time multi-perspective feedback environment that monitors improvements.

Deliver more and faster with Agile

The Agile principles

Through craftmanship and focus

Systemic Learning

In delivering value trhough Flow

“Even people who were struggling with this change eventually become convinced. The atmosphere is so different now.”
- manager in the financial sector


In combination with Agile Sensing, the Okaloa FlowLabs provide an ecosystem for continuous insight into agile improvements and the effectiveness of the improvements devised.

Okaloa FlowLab consists of an integrated and proven set of simulations: Teamflow, Cross-team, Workflow management and Portfolio management. Each simulation allows participants to experience process limitations from their own perspective.
From the observations, building on the agile principles (Flow, Learning Together, Working Together), improvements are proposed and tested. This makes the workshop practical and effective.

The simulations provide a safe environment for experimentation. By involving all stakeholders, you build insights and ways to improve the complete value chain. Together you experience problems (bottlenecks) and test improvements in your own work limitations (process).

When the identified improvements are rolled out in the real work environment, Agile-Sensing offers a multi-perspective feedback loop that shows the impact in real time. This makes it possible to respond quickly. It prevents non-working solutions from continuing for too long.

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