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[ Flow ]

Online agile flow simulation

Experience what agile working really means

And that in only 4 hours!
No more books, websites and other theoretical explanations. With this online workshop you will learn how to apply agile in any environment.

More precisely, you learn to

  • Let agile methods really work for you.
  • Deliver more and faster using agile principles.
  • Deliver relaxed and focused  more quality.
  • Satisfy demanding managers.
  • Balance work optimally between multiple teams.
  • Overcome the key-man risk.

The power of simulation:

  • It is a direct way to let teams experience agile benefits.
  • Change is something psychological, much less technological. In addition to the head, the simulation also appeals to the hands and the heart. By experiencing it, it 'lands' better.
  • It offers the possibility to quickly switch between theory and practice.
  • It connects intuition and rational thinking.
  • Participants experience something new during the simulation. We then discuss what and how they can apply this in their own work situation.
  • Discovering differences between existing and future ways of working.
  • In internal sessions, we can customize the simulation so that teams analyze their own problems.

The workshop uses Okaloa Flowlabs. The Flowlabs is a series of four offline simulations.
Each of the four, serve their own level: team-flow, cross-team (aligning work between teams), workflow (aligning within the value stream) and portfolio (balancing between business opportunities and available capacity).
The Team-flow is now available online. The other simulations will be available later this summer.

For whom?
For anyone who feels the need to set up their (own) work process more efficiently.

Make sure you have a place and sign up.

When Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month


8:30 – 12:30


Online, In advance you will receive an email with links and additional information.
Price € 225,-  ex vat p.p.    

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