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We teach teams how to work in an agile way in an unpredictable environment

I already know agile from different perspectives. Through the workshop I appreciate agile again. Arno is a true agile expert and with his enthusiasm he brings his in-depth experience to the participants.
    Leadership coach

Initially, I had resistance to agile. My resistance disappeared during the simulation. It gave me insight into what agile really means. I now also understand where my resistance came from. My teams were already more independent than the newly imposed agile way of working.   
With this workshop my teams and departments can get started on the next efficiency.
    Senior Bank Manager

After an agile simulation with Arno, my team started delivering 30% more and had more fun.

    IT Integrator Dutch Bank

Management should make it a mandatory simulation for all Teams who are currently in waterfall ways of working.
    Agile Coach German Bank

This will also enable the team members to clearly think about the tasks that are needed in order to deliver a certain business story. 
    ScrumMaster German Bank

I was looking for a agile overview/refresher session for my team. I have attended several Agile sessions before; but this session was quite unique.
    Manager German Bank

I would suggest , such Simulations must me the Starting point for any Teams looking for Transformation to Agile ways so that they can appreciate how it helps
    Agile Coach German Bank

More and more organizations use lean-agile to become an organization that, even under changing circumstances, achieves healthy financial results.

Agile usually starts with scrum in teams. Of course, this does not directly lead to better financial results for the company. A logical next step is to scale up agile.

Topics that play a role in scaling up:

  • Coordinating work (flow) in departments and teams with 
    • different local process and quality requirements
    • different local objectives
    • work packages of different sizes
    • different rhythms
  • Combine project management with lean-agile practices 
  • Lean-agile portfolio management.

Simulations make scaling up effective and fun. Participants experience problems from their own practice in an objective context, and then experiment with improvements. This creates a common understanding. By also experiencing the results of improvements, trust is created in the improvements. 

The insights gained, create a new dynamic within teams and between collaborating teams. Cooperation arises from a shared understanding of the situation. Together they determine which improvements are needed.

This forms the basis for sustainable lean-agile implementations. There is a pull of lean-agile working instead of a push.
The simulation set addresses various problems: 

Team flow improves the effectiveness of teams
Workflow creates flow between supply chain teams
Multi-team  creates flow between parallel teams
End-to-end creates flow between upstream and downstream
Competence flow

increases agility and knowledge building of staff.     

The simulations are not training. They allow participants to experience lean-agile principles. 
Also get acquainted with the Okaloa Flowlab simulations. Sign up now, or call for an introductory meeting.

Agile simulations allow your teams, programs and portfolios to experiment, in order to better understand agility in their own environment. They translate this understanding into new ways of (agile) working.

Agile-Sensing is a specific application aimed at agile working. It connects all departments and competences. It creates a continuous feedback loop based on agile value. You create an agile environment optimized for your own environment.

Sensing-Change is a multi-perspective feedback loop. The feedback-loop underpins the classic cold hard facts with underlying narratives. It is an easy way to identify weak signals. The narratives give words to the cold facts and to (underbelly) sentiment, it makes them 'outspoken'. 

More information Agile Sensing App
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