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We teach teams how to work in an agile way in an unpredictable environment

Arno Korpershoek

Arno Korpershoek – Senior Agile Flow Coach

After a Flow simulation with Arno, my team started delivering 30% more and had more fun.
IT Integrator financial sector

Arno’s Kanban simulation makes the advantage of introducing a WIP limit so obvious that everyone can understand. And when afterwards you dive deeper into the way the company works, Kanban’s graphic presentation will make it clear very quickly that we have room for further improvement! In short, a very successful workshop.
Tom De Ruysser, PO MKB Brandstof

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True or false?

Another statement that fits Lean-Agile working is:
If you want me to help you quickly, it cannot be done immediately. 

What do you take away from this?

At its core, Lean-Agile working means: creating space in a work process whereby people are always doing what they are good at.

It is obvious that this will have positive outcomes.
How do you achieve this?

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